It is Perfect for beginners flying RC model airplanes for the very first time!

Super huge wingspan for super optimal flying experience and stability!

Fly steadily and operate easily, beginners can master the flying skills in short time

Configured with flaps to reduce speed and shorten landing distance when descent for landing


Simple and easy to use

You just need a basic 6 channel Radio andTattu 2700 mAh Battery to make it ready to fly. Constructed of durable EPO flex foam for Excellent Impact Resistance!

Super easy detachable main wing design (Does not require to unplug servo wires) Excellent for transportation


Super Fast

2600 KV motor together with 6x5 propeller ensures you are never left behind.

Add any 2700 mAh 3s to add more power to the plane.



Two carbon spars for main wings and 1x for elevator for extra stiffness and rigidity.

Two 9g Metal Gear servos on the Ailerons and Two 9g Plastic gear servos on the rudder and elevator make it reliable and durable, you can test its limits and it won’t wobble.

40-amp ESC with 55-amp burst current just adds more points to its reliability. Test the limits and we promise it won’t disappoint.

Check the battery with the help of the voltage indicator. The Voltage indicator indicates the Total Voltage of all the cells and Voltage of each cell separately.



Motor: 2600 KV

ESC: 40A with 55A (burst Current)

Servos on the Ailerons: 2 x 9g Metal Gear

Servos on Rudder and Elevator: 2 x 9g Plastic Gear

Plastic Propeller: 6x5


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