NGH GT9 9cc

This completely new range of petrol engines. The GT series designed with the aero-modeller in mind; with its great looks, reliability and at a great price to convert their glow engine to petrol. It is neat, It's traditional mounting and front mounted carb mean it will just swap out with your existing glow engine. It has bags of power and excellent reliability. 



Engine Type: Gasoline/Petrol Two-stroke, Air Cooled.

Displacement (cc): 9.07cc

Bore x stroke (mm): 23.35 x 21.2

Carburetor: NGH made 60G needle with pump membrane

Max output: 0.8HP@15000RPM

RPM Range: 2600-15000RPM

Ignition: Auto advanced Rcexl DC-CDI with special spark plug cap

Spark plug type: 1/4 x 32 

Ignition Power: 4.8V

Lubrication Oil: 2 cycle engine Oil API TC/JASO FD or better specs. (Mobil + M2T)

Break-in fuel oil ratio: 25:1 (4%)

General use fuel: 30:1 (3%)

Recommended propellers: 10 x 6 to 12x6 (two blades)

Weight: 425g (without ignition)

545g complete


*Mounting dimension is similar to conventional .52 class Nitro engine.


NGH GT9 Explanation and Instruction Sheet.

Fuel Delivery System:

The fuel delivery System is specially made by NGH Company for use with the GT9 gas engine. 

The GT9 and the Fuel Delivery System must be used together. Please do not use the Fuel Delivery System with other engines. Use only unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 85 or higher. Please do not use any other types of fuel.

Fuel Delivery System Installation:

The Fuel Delivery System can be mounted on the engine’s back plate or on the firewall. 

This can be done by using the pre-drilled, threaded holes on the sides of the Delivery System or by using a double sided tape. It should be mounted level to or slightly lower than the engine.  The Delivery System should not be mounted higher than the engine.Use gas compatible fuel line with an inner diameter of 2.5 mm. Ensure that all fuel line connections are without leaks.        

Please be sure the three fuel line connections are correctly attached from the Fuel Delivery System to the carburetor, engine back plate and fuel tank. Mount the Fuel Delivery System as close to the carburetor as possible. Keeping the fuel lines as short as possible. The fuel line going from the Fuel Delivery System to the carburetor must not be longer than 80 mm/3.15”. Refer to the Fuel Delivery System Diagram for details.

Engine Installation:

    The GT9 engine has the same dimensions as a .52 glow engine and can be easily installed on any standard engine mount. Install the CDI Electronic Ignition Module where it will aid in balancing the model‘s center of gravity. The ignition module must be unobstructed and uncovered to allow for proper cooling during operation. Use a 4.8V NiMH battery with a minimum of 2000 mAh.

Prop Size Range: 11X6, 11X7 or 12X6 Spark Plug: The engine uses a ¼ X32 spark plug. RPM Range: Idle is about 2600 RPM with a 11X6 prop. High end is about 12000 to 12400 RPM with a 11X6 prop. 

For lower RPM’s use larger props.

Start Engine:

Set the HS needle at 1.5-2 turns.

Set the LS needle at 3.5-4 turns

The high speed and low speed needle valves are pre-set at the factory but additional adjustment may be necessary after the engine is running. 

Set the carb choke at about 1/3 open.  

Flip the prop or use an electric starter to start the engine. 

Once engine is running adjust the needle valves as needed. 

Carburetor adjustments are done much like those on a glow engine using the needle valve system.


A proper break in is important to the long term performance and life span of your engine. 

Follow all directions and use a high quality full synthetic oil for 2 stroke air cooled engines at a ratio of 20:1.

Carburetor adjustments are done much like those on a glow engine using the needle valve system. 

Break in RPM is 5000 RPM.

Break in time is about 1 hour

Carburetor adjustments before flight:

Try to adjust the carburetor while the engine is running on the ground to determine how well the engine is running.

Whenever possible have someone hold the airplane, nose pointed up, and adjust the carb until the engine is running smooth and strong. 

After break in please use a high quality full synthetic oil for 2 stroke air cooled engines at a ratio of 20:1 or 25:1 in order to get enough lubrication.



NGH GT9 9cc

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