MWC Lite


            With the same program for the open source compared to KK or ACM, MWC’s more stable flight performance, flight skills required for novice lower debugging process more intuitive. Dedicated MWC GUI program can easily observe the PID parameters, flight control signal input / output status, sensor / switch-state, as well as aircraft attitude and heading sensor signal state of each group, sufficient for the initial configuration of the aircraft easier.

MultiWii Lite lightweight version supports the following aircraft models:

GIMBAL ——– PTZ Stabilizer Independent (non-flight control purposes)

BICOPTER —— 2-Axis Aircraft Avatar

Tricopter —– Y3 (Y-Type 3-Axis)

QUADP ——— 4-Axis + Classic Mode

QUADX ——— 4-Axis × Mode

Y4 ———— Y-Type Four-Axis

Y6 ———— Y-Type 6-Axis

HEX6 ———- 6 Axis + Mode

HEX6X ——— 6-Axis x Mode

FLYING WING — flying wing with a (non-multi-axis machine, the program is in testing phase).

Tool to connect the computer via FTDI, flight mode can be easily converted at any time.

MWC MultiWii Lite lightweight version of the hardware configuration:

ATMEGA328P microcontroller

· ITG3205 three-axis digital gyroscope

· ADXL345 three-axis acceleration sensor


MWC Lite Board

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