S500 Quadcopter Frame


The S500 quadcopter frame is the perfect platform for a lightweight quad to carry a GoPro or other small camera.


The S500 frame incorporates landing gear legs that lift the frame high enough to accommodate a GoPro and gimbal.  The built-in mounting rails make installing a gimbal easy. The included rail-mounted battery tray makes it easy to position the battery to counterbalance your camera and gimbal. Please note that a camera and gimbal are not included.


The S500 frame is built from durable fibreglass reinforced Nylon. The arms are angled a few degrees upwards to help to prevent propeller wash from creating turbulence when flying close to the ground. This not only makes the S500 frame more stable when taking off and landing, but also enhances stability when flying close to the ground.


The arms are drilled with 16mm, 19mm and 25mm mounting holes to accommodate a wide variety of motors.The whole frame is very straightforward to assemble, and all of the mounting bolts required for assembly are included.


In our opinion all of these great features make the S500 frame fantastic value for money and far superior to the widely used F450 frame.



Distance between motor centres: 480mm

Arm material: Fibreglass reinforced Nylon

Motor mounting spacing: 16-25mm

Weight: 420g


Motor suggest: 2212 KV980; 2216 KV880 KV900; 3108 900KV
Prop suggest: 1045/1047/1147/1238
Battery suggest: 3S-4S 2200mAh-5200mAh

Package includes:

1 x Top mounting plate

1 x Bottom mounting plate

4 x Arms

4 x Landing gear legs

2 x Mounting rails

1 x Battery tray



S500 Quadcopter Frame

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